State of The Mega Man Network

If you can read this post, glad you could join us! 

As previously mentioned, this new site is the result of us searching for and finding a new home for The Mega Man Network in an effort to make the site more responsive and less crash prone. As such, this new site platform was chosen. 

You'll notice more than a few new features on the site, namely liking news posts directly on the site and a less intrusive social sharing button. The comment system has been revamped and it now sees the return of the short-lived Disqus commenting system, now ready for full and proper integration with this site.

As for navigation, it's all encompassed in the dark banner above each page instead of in the sidebar.  If you're on a PC, just hover your cursor over the different links to see drop-down menus with more options. If you're on mobile, tap the top most black bar at the top of any page to make the navigation options appear.

Speaking of mobile, this site is now 100% mobile ready . What's more, all content you would get on the normal site should be available on the mobile verison.

Now comes the bad part. 

This move has taxed our team quite a bit lately. Please be patient as we try to fix whatever broke in the transition. Of note, we know of at least three active issues:

  • The Wiki is missing its top banner. This is an unfortunate side effect of the move and is also a good thing, since we wanted to change it anyway in order to reflect the new site's structure. 
  • The Oekaki has moved and not everything has been tested yet.
  • The Gallery will be moved eventually  to this new site. However, due to the massive size of what was hosted on the previous gallery, it can and will take a lot of time to get it running at top capacity again. 

That's all for now!