Chill Penguin Makes GameTrailers' Top 5 Winter Wonderlands

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas everywhere you go, then you don't have to look much further than some of your favorite video games to find the ground covered in frost, ice, and snow. GameTrailers has rounded up their top five such instances of winter wonderlands across gaming's very best, and of course, for Mega Man, this theme goes all the way back to the original title on the NES.

However, Ice Man is not who GT is celebrating this December; rather, they're skipping a hundred years into the future, where weapons are made of rolling snow, and Raybits hop to and fro; where the boss is a big, chilly penguin, and a kindly Santa-like man gives you boots for dashin'.

The original Mega Man X is a classic on many fronts, and this is but one. With that said, how many of you are going to pop in (or load up) the game and give this stage a spin? And after Chill Penguin bites the big one, who will continue on through, just for fun?

And to all TMMN readers celebrating Christmas or just hanging out for fun, we hope it's a happy holiday season for everyone!