Canadian Nintendo Gamers: Get Your Toonies Ready!

Several days ago, during the Mega Man anniversary posting/site update, you might recall that there was a mention of a two-day $2 sale on two Mega Man titles, Mega Man X on Wii U Virtual Console and Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge on Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. You might also recall that certain members of this site were rather irritated that Canadians were being left out in the proverbial cold on this deal.

Well, it seems good tidings are in store this holiday season, because it's apparently Canada's turn! At least, according to a thread on NeoGAF, which says that now it's the Great White North's turn to plunk down a toonie for some Blue Bomber goodness!

Personally speaking, we've not been able to pull it up ourselves (Update: Yes we have, and it's as good as they say), as we've already got Mega Man X on the Wii Virtual Console, so the price shown for that is the "upgrade" cost of $1.50, while our Nintendo 3DS isn't handy at the moment. Like the U.S. version of the sale, there has been little (if any) promotion of the deal; unlike the U.S. version, it's not even on Nintendo's eShop deals website, though Nintendo Everything corroborates NeoGAF's story.

The deal lasts through December 24th, and so all's well that ends well-- at least, in theory. Truth be told, the timing could probably have been a little better, as a wicked snowstorm has knocked out a lot of power around here. Hopefully that will be righted sooner than later, and not just so Canadians can get in on the deal!

Thanks to Seven5three for the tip!