Jasco Games Previews Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter

Beginning at noon Central Time on Thursday, December 12th, Jasco Games is kicking off their Kickstarter campaign in their attempt to raise the funds necessary not to create the Mega Man Board Game they've been working on, but rather, to make it the very best that it can be. Curious? Then watch the video below:

The gist, in case you can't view the video, is that the folks at Jasco are big fans of the Blue Bomber, and want to do right by our robot hero. With a successful Kickstarter, they'll be able to make the investment necessary to add extra features to the game, provide higher-quality game components, limited edition expansions, more models, upgrades, and the ever-mysterious "more".

So, what say you, Mega Fans? Are you in? If so, you can find and donate to the Kickstarter here.