Preview Pages for Mega Man #31

Archie continues their adaptation of Super Adventure Rockman in Mega Man #31, the third part of "Blackout: The Curse of Ra-Moon," which comes in the two great variant covers seen above. On the left, an awesome pic of estranged brothers Mega Man and Break Man, fighting back to back, while on the right is a nice movie poster-styled take on the storyline.

Within, the Blue Bomber is joined by Guts Man and his robodog companion, Rush, as they try to sneak into the Lanfront ruins to take care of Ra Moon and save the world once and for all. But is the path they're taking truly safe, or are they headed for an even worse fate than a frontal assault would have provided? And just whose side are these new Robot Masters on, anyway?

Get your full five-page peek on over at Destructoid, and learn the answers for yourself!