MM25: Mega Man Rocks Track List and Samples

Capcom Unity has released the track list for their second upcoming Mega Man  anniversary album: "MM25: Mega Man Rocks." This album features songs old and new by  Mega Man  and gaming tribute bands. What's more, you can have a listen to some samples, too.

The included tracks are as follows: 

The Protomen

"Built to Last" - Brand new song, debuting on this album

"The WIll of One (2013 Edit)" - An updated recording of their classic track

"Breaking Out" - A mix previously only available on a cassette single; first time digitally available!

The Megas

"Can't Stop the Top" - Version found on History Repeating: Blue

"The Quick and the Blue" - New recording, featuring the band's new drummer and keyboardist!

"Man on Fire" - Same as above; new recordings of popular tracks!

Arm Cannon

"Mangnet Mang" - Brand new version of Magnet Man's theme (MM3)

"Hi, I'm Mark Spandrill" - Brand new version of Spark Mandrill (MMX) and Spark Man (MM3)

"Borrow Mega Nuke" - Brand new version of Boomer Kuwanger (MMX)


"MM9 Medley" - New versions of Splash Woman, Plug Man and Wily Machine 2

"X-Hunters" - New versions of X-Hunters stages 1-2 (MMX2) and Gates Lab (MMX6)

"X vs Zero" - New version of X vs Zero (MMX5)

Bit Brigade

"Full Outro" - Version found on Mega Band (MM2)

"Air Man" - Version found on Mega Band (MM2)

"Wily 1" - Version found on Mega Band (MM2)

Mega Ran

"20XX" - Brand new song feat. the Prologue Stage (MMX)

"Splash" - Version found on Mega Ran 9

"Wily" - Version found on 5th Anniversary Special Edition

Additionally, producer Sumthing Else Music Works has 30 second samples of each of the tracks for you to have a listen to. The complete album will be available on October 29th at digital music stores like iTunes, Amazon, and Each track runs $0.99, or you can get the full album for $9.99.

News Credit: Destructoid, GoNintendo