You Wanted It, You Got It: Archie Brings X to the Printed Page

There has been one question on nearly everyone's lips from the moment Archie announced that they were going to be making a comic book based on Mega Man: "When will we see Mega Man X?" 

As of today, IGN has the answer you seek: February 2014. But before you get too excited, know that X isn't starring in his only monthly title-- at least, not yet. Rather, the world of 21XX will be explored through the pages of a back-up story in the regular ongoing Mega Man title beginning with the series' 34th issue.

Asked whether these tales will be taking place in the same continuity as the games, writer Ian Flynn responded "Absolutely. Our first stories take place in the months before the first game, setting things up for Sigma’s revolution." 

As for the possibility of whether or not X will get a shot at prime time with his own mini or ongoing series should these features prove popular, Flynn says "Most definitely! We really want to bring people a Mega Man X book, so we need the people to demand it. Be passionate and be loud, people! "

Executive Director of Editorial Paul Kaminski adds, "The back-ups serve to set the stage for a story we've got slated for Spring/Summer 2014. If fans and readers support it, you will see more X, plain and simple! "

Other details of interest are that fan-favorite artist Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante will be doing the interior art, and that "Mega Man X is only the beginning" for new Capcom-based titles from Archie. "Stay tuned! "

For the full interview and a peek at the regular cover to Mega Man #34 (the variant is featured above), check out IGN.