This Weekend: The Extra-Life Mega Man Marathon

The Sonic Lost World "First Play" Marathon may be over, but it's far from the only such thing happening this season. 

Beginning at midnight on Saturday, November 2nd, Brian Robertson is going to play for over 25 hours as he seeks to complete every numbered game in both the Mega Man Classic and X series to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network hospitals. His goal is to raise over $500, and to help in the endeavor, he'll be partaking in the tried and true marathon pastime of offering raffle prizes to participants!

For $10 per entry into the raffle, you have a shot at the top prize: A one of a kind art piece by Brian based on the Mega Man 3 Stage Select screen, featuring each character rendered at 4”x4” in acrylic on canvas. It comes mounted and framed, with the stage selection borders, and is "roughly 2’x2’ when all is said and done."

That's not the only prize, however. In addition to some possible mystery prizes, you'll also have the chance to bring home this cool Mega Man plushie: 

You can check out more pics of both prizes, including the in-progress painting, on Brian's Facebook page. You can also learn more about the marathon itself on the Extra-Life website here.