Upcoming Site Migration - Done!

 We're done moving the blog! A post about the state of The Mega Man Network will follow shortly. In the meantime, the original post is here.

As you may have noticed, we mentioned a few articles back that the site will undergo some drastic changes to improve stability and allow more things to be done with the site. What does this mean? We're moving!

That's right, we're moving to a new web host. I know the timing might seem bad to some, but this is actually the best time. In case you hadn't noticed, the site has been going offline fairly regularly for the better part of the year, which was exacerbated by the announcement of Mighty No. 9, among other things.

As such, we at The Mega Man Network will be moving to a new host in order to provide you, the readers, with better services and more timely news reporting (total disclosure: the blog would crash the site every time we would try posting news).

What does this mean for you? A few things:

  • The comment section for all news stories will be closed until the move is completed.
  • As you may have noticed, the sidebars on either side of the site's content have been emptied of many items. This step was mandatory in order to make the switch possible.
  • The new site theme will be a work in progress, due to the expedited speed with which we are doing this move.

While the site won't be accessible for some time during this transition, I invite you to visit our Twitter feed, Tumblr blog, and Facebook page in order to get any and all news we report.

Thanks for your understanding.