Rockman Xover Update Brings Blues Themed Armor, Star Force 3 World, and a New Collaboration

world9 The time has come for what's currently Capcom's biggest Mega Man game to get another update. This update brings the new World 9 stage, which is themed after Mega Man Star Force 3. This brings OVER-1 back to the EM world, where he'll be fighting villains like Jack Corvus, Queen Virgo and Dread Joker. Furthermore, OVER-1 is getting the second armor which is based off of a character rather than an element or attack style. Following OVER-R, based on Mega Man, a Proto Man themed OVER-B seems natural. But in fact OVER-B is based on ProtoMan.EXE from the Battle Network games. The OVER-B form gives a massive boost in attack power.

Hot the break for artwork and screens, as well as some additional info on new cards, and the zaniest collaboration yet.

xoverstuff1 xoverstuff2 xoverstuff3 xoverstuff4

Additionally, Famitsu App brings word of a new collaboration with the gag anime Eagle Talon. Specifically it's for the mobile game Yoshida Breeding Kit, a simulation game featuring the anime's character Yoshida. The collab allows a form of Yoshida in Mega Man's armor. Likewise, Xover will be getting a "Rockman" card of Yoshida, as well as a creepy Kalinka card with the Chancellor's face.

Additionally, Xover has the following new cards:

834 835 5012

And because Battle Memory cards of under-aged girls in bikinis are becoming all the rage in Xover, Rockman Unity posted a preview of some more upcoming fan service:


Thanks to Django for the collaboration news! Images via Gamer.