Go to PAX's Friday Night Concerts, Get Free Mega Man Stuff

24ea4a7fdfeb62d718e87ce0ee08c469d789088d40b5f514be77d90c6e9c6e3d This weekend at the Penny Arcade Expo, there will be a series of concerts starting at 8:30pm on Friday night featuring Bit Brigade, Mega Ran, and The Protomen. Better still, attending affords you the opportunity to get free Mega Man goodies from the fine folks at Capcom Unity.

Community Manager Brett Elston notes on his blog "I sent the good folks at PAX/Reed Expo a heaping pile of inflatable Mega Busters and Mega Man 25th anniversary pins to be handed out for the mega festivities. Simply be there (probably early!) and you could walk away one or both of these collector's items! Don the Mega Buster and PUMP YER FIST to 'The Will of One!'"

As an aside, we're pretty sure that the Super Mega Man figure shown with the pin above isn't being given away, but is there to simply give an idea of scale. Then again, how many of you reading this actually have that figure to know how big it is to begin with? But we digress.

What's more, a limited few will get to go home with this beautiful blue bad boy in its E Tank packaging:


"With so many folks attending PAX - and the all-Mega-Man concert lineup," Brelston notes, "make sure you get there before show starts at 8:30!"

"And for those who couldn't make it to SDCC or PAX, or buy the statute when it was on the Capcom Store," he adds, "don't worry - I've secured some for Unity too! More on that after PAX..."