Some Details on Jasco's Upcoming Mega Man Board Game, Crowd Funding

boardgame1Jasco Games, the creative minds behind the upcoming Mega Man edition of their Universe Fighting System card game, are present at Gen Con, and long time TMMN viewer Boco got some details about the upcoming board game in the works. Maybe details are still in the dark, as much of the game elements are pending approval from Capcom. For now we know that the game is intended for two to five players, although expansions could boost that up to eight. Each player plays as Mega Man in a race to be the first to defeat Dr. Wily. Other playable characters may be introduced depending on the result of crowd funding. More on that, as well as other details and pictures after the break.


To progress in the game, each player must complete challenges which are passed on from other players. The harder the challenge, the more you advance. The challenges are meant to represent playing stages and fighting Robot Masters. It will be possible to obtain weapons from the Robot Masters you beat. Failing a challenge results in damage to your character. Rather than using dice, moves and actions are determined through a customizable card set, which allows for changes in the dynamics of play for each game.

The current game contents are based on the original Mega Man. Expansions are planned to add levels, Robot Masters, and weapons from later games. Jasco is considering making each stand alone, so if you were to pick up the Mega Man 3, set, you wouldn't need the original Mega Man set. However, with multiple sets you can create games by mixing together contents from various sets.

A Kickstarter campaign is planned to begin in September sometime. This is not simply to fund the game - it will be ready to go and Jasco has the funds to produce a basic version of it. Therefore, the aim of the Kickstarter will be to gauge fan interest in the board game, and raise funds to refine the game's quality and provide additional features that would be too expensive to include normally. One example of how funds could be used would be creating colored miniatures of the player characters and Robot Masters in different poses. A couple figure sculpts were present at the con. But regardless of how the Kickstarter goes, a complete product will be released nonetheless.

boardgame3 boardgame4

It's important to note that all elements of the game, including its rules, pieces, and artwork used are pending approval by Capcom. While there is, in a sense, a structured board game ready to go, it could change entirely depending on how the approval process goes. As a result, Jasco has been refraining from releasing additional details for now.

Many thanks to Boco for taking the time to get this info for us! You can also check out Boco's Tumblr for some pictures of the UFS card game as well.