iFanboy Previews Sonic Universe #54 - Worlds Collide Part 11

SU_54-0Wow, it seems like only yesterday that we got to see the preview for "Worlds Collide" Part 10 in Mega Man #27. But silly us; that was three days ago, and we can't just keep living in the past (even though some of us don't even have that issue yet). So we must march onward, on to the penultimate chapter of the ultimate crossover (at least as far as video game-based comic books go)! This week, iFanboy does the honors (hey, wouldn't it be great if a Mega Man website got to preview a Mega Man comic book sometime? Just saying...).

You'll be able to find this showdown between Mega Man & Sonic and the combined might of Bass, Metal Sonic, and the Chaos Emerald-powered Egg-Wily Machine X in comic shops on Wednesday, July 17th next week.