Previews Catalog Listing D-Arts Ultimate Armor Mega Man X for October

ultarmor2While our recently-updated sidebar has the Bandai D-Arts figure of Mega Man X in his Ultimate Armor slated for release on September 25th, 2013, a tip from Dr. Wily reveals that those looking to purchase the figure from their local comic book shops might have to wait just a bit longer. According to Wily, the latest Previews catalog from Diamond Distributors has a shipping date of 10/30/13 (and a price of $45.99, for those wondering). Because of this, it sounds as though comic shops may not get the figure until sometime in November, assuming the shipping date is met (which, Wily says, happens infrequently with toys coming through Diamond).

This is undoubtedly unfortunate news for some (and is probably going to usher in a new round of "cancelled" jokes), but at least now you might be able to better schedule and budget for the figure accordingly, or seek out other means if you need it ASAP.