Gamers React to Mega Man in Smash Bros. Live

Won't lie. My reaction to Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. was pretty subdued. I had to watch it when I got up in the morning for work, hours after the announcement was made. In fact I chose to go to bed 20 minutes before the Nintendo Direct, because I had a lot to do the following day. It was all for your benefit.

Nevertheless, I've been growing more excited with each day since. And I've also taken up looking for videos of other folks reacting to the announcement live. I feel like I can enjoy their excitement vicariously when I watch.

Check out some more videos after the break. I will warn, some contain a bit of NSFW language. You might also want to be cautious about your volume.

Jump to 4:30.

Jump to 40:30.

Definitely the most NSFW.

Not a live reaction, but still shell shocked.

Jump to 2:00.

Jump to 2:10. Also watch until the end, because what the guy says is hilariously priceless.

I imagine a lot of your reactions were pretty similar! However, seeing some of these videos I have to say - if you plan on posting yourself on the internet, you may want to think about cleaning up a little!