Announcing the Winners for Our Mega Buster USB Giveaway!

MMUSBBuster_largescreenshot3 Evening folks! It's time to announce the winners of our Mega Buster USB drive giveaway! We got over 240 entries for this prize, and picking three winners was tough! Well, it wasn't really that touch, I just used a random number generator, But still, I wish we could do more!

The winners have already been contacted and shipping preparations are in order, so it's time to let you get to know them. Congratulations to Misora Kuroko, k0n4 and AkuKnives! We will show you their comments about what games they'd want to see remade after the break!

We want to thank everyone for participating. If you didn't win this time don't despair! I am certain we will have more giveaways coming your way soon! You are what we do this whole thing for, after all. This our trifling way of giving back. Thanks again!

Misora Kuroko:

I really love to see a remake of Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star buuut to rebuild the entire game, with a theme completely new, a true crossover of battle network and starforce with new ways in which both characters fight together against viruses and virus denpa and show an interesting story that connects a relationship between the time of the two sagas and come out to the console nintendo 3DS, I’d love something like that.


Mega Man X3. I mean, it seems clear to me that Capcom envisioned a huge adventure for X, with all sorts of power ups and alternate routes and Zero and, well, everything. While the finished product is far from a terrible game, it just feels, well… Rushed perhaps? I mean, if I recall correctly, X3 was to the X series what MM6 was to the original MM series, i.e. a game coming out at the tail end of a console’s life. It just feels like resources at Capcom were reallocated to other projects and that attention wasn’t entirely focused on making X3 a fantastic game. I love that they made Zero playable but, as anyone who’s ever played MMX3 will tell you, he’s hardly the robot Strider that he became in MMX4 and beyond. When all is said and done, I guess I would love to see X3 perhaps re-envisioned with elements from X4 and X5 ? perhaps a “remastered” edition, as it were?


I’d love to see MegaMan 3 remastered. I wouldn’t mind at all if it were simply an 8-bit “director’s cut” of the game.

The reason I choose MM3 is that Inafune always had a love/hate relationship with this game because it was such a headache to make. One of the biggest headache’s being the serious time constraints that they were under when making it. This caused them to leave out a huge portion of the things they had planned, and it’s why we don’t get an opening for the game, which all other 8-bit MM games had (except MM1).

So I’d really love to see MM3 re-done with all the things they left out. MM3 has always been my favorite because of how vast of a game it is. We got 16 Robot Masters, Rush, ProtoMan, the slide, and they STILL left things out!

What would the opening have looked like? Would there be more story around ProtoMan? Would we have seen how the DocRobots came into existence with data from previous Robot Masters? More music?!?!

This game deserves to be given to the world in it’s complete vision.