Rockman Xover Gets Yet Another Collaboration

dragoncoins Not content with mixing things up with Seven Thousands Wars, a new collaboration with Xover is in the works for Sega's smartphone titles Dragon Coins. Labeled as a "coin RPG," Dragon Coins uses this basis of a medal game (i.e. coin pusher) as a mechanic to fight monsters. Special skill cards you can receive in lottery give you additional abilities.

Dragon Coins today launched its "Can't Beat Airman" campaign (since that seems to be the most noteworthy Rockman thing in popular culture in Japan) with a Rockman/Xover themed arcade board. The board lets you battle Airman, Cutman and Dustman. Naturally you can also get Rockman themed skill cards to use. The collaboration runs until June 6th.

It is unknown if Rockman Xover is receiving any Dragon Coins content in return so far.

News Credit: CAP Kobun, Tarbo