Ripot's Round-Up - 5/28/13

RipotIt's been a while since I've done one of these, hasn't it? And truth be told, it's long overdue: Life has been busy for us here at TMMN, and unfortunately, we aren't able to post every news tip and story we get as it comes in, or give it the full attention they deserve. We try to get what we can out there for everyone, but much of the time... well, there just isn't the time. So here we are with another Ripot's Round-Up (the last one was at the end of January last year-- we should probably look at doing these more frequently), and it's got a lot of stories-- some kind of old by now, but still interesting just the same. I'm sorry that we weren't able to give all of these full front-page attention, and hope that this round-up of news bits will suffice.

So, starting with the oldest first...


From KudosForce, we have news of a fan game being developed by Tarbo-san (which may even be complete by now) which is said to star Roll, featuring a boss rush mode with Robot Masters from previous games and bases its NES-styled Mega Man and Roll on their Marvel vs. Capcom counterparts. Have a look for yourself:

Other videos can be found here, while you can visit the game's home page here and its blog here.


If you're interested in making a Mega Man X fan game of your own, then Game Dragon may have something to help you on your way. He develops game engines, and has begun public testing of his engine, which you can read about here (though by this point, he may have completed such testing). Here is a sample of one of his earlier versions; remember, this isn't meant to represent a full game, but is more of a demonstration of how it runs:

If you'd like to download the engine or leave feedback on it, just click here.

Thanks for the tip, Jad!



Piotyr wanted to share his collection of Bandai Rockman model kits, one he claims is "one of the biggest out there." Think yours tops it? Feel free to share with us! In the meantime, you can admire more of his collection of cool things in his gallery here.


From Amy Rose (@lalalei2001 on Twitter), we have this GameFAQs list of "The Top 10 Achievements Beyond The Player's Control," which contains major spoilers. And just for fun, here's one for you: Mega Man games take up the top three spots on the list!


Here's one from our friend Tony Ponce over at Destructoid. Apparently, a sequel to the PC-based Mega Man clone called Rosenkreuzstilette is now available. Rather than a science fiction setting, this series instead features a more European Goth style.

Created by the doujin group [erka:es], it's only available in Japanese. If that doesn't deter you (and apparently it shouldn't, no more than most Mega Man games, anyway), it can be downloaded here or purchased as a physical copy here.



Rather than be taken captive by tiny men, this real-life Gulliver has been pinned down by tons of tiny Servbots! Check out the full set of pictures here.

Thanks, undamned!



I am really quite disappointed that I never got to give this pic by Zac Gorman its own full, proper post. You can find this and so many more such pieces of fan art about 8 and 16-bit games at his Tumblr, Magical Game Time, including this popular one from The Legend of Zelda, which has been making the rounds lately.

Via GameSetWatch. Thanks for the tip, Knozz!


This isn't really Mega Man related, per se, but we did get the tip and it's worth mentioning.

Did you ever wonder what it might be like to play a Mega Man game set in the old west? Well, wonder no more!

Gunman Clive is an iOS and Google Play game which made its way to the Nintendo 3DS eShop at the beginning of the year, and definitely has a certain Mega Man feel about it. As Adam tells us in his e-mail, "You play as a cowboy out to rescue the mayor's daughter from a group of bandits, and it plays very much like a traditional MM game, albeit with the addition of ducking. It's a nice little run-and-gun, complete with slick bosses and some real platforming nuttiness in the later levels."

It's just $1.99, regardless of platform, and though I've only played it on the Nintendo 3DS, I can say it's worth every penny there, and more. If you haven't already, give it a shot!



From Jin Saotome, via Protodude's Rockman Corner and then again through Destructoid and passed along to us by Desmou is this impressive custom Sigma figure.

It went for $152.48 (with $28.25 shipping) on eBay, and you can find out what he used to make it and view more pictures of it here.


Submitted to us by RedMage1987, Dorkly has a rather morbid take on the "boy and his dog" relationship Mega Man and Rush share.


The ever-popular Japanese video game show Game Center CX had an episode not too long ago about Rockman 4. You can check out a subbed version of the episode's first part here:

Thanks for the tip, Magnet_Man!


Back in the heyday of such sites as The Undersquare, there was a project underway for a fan-made version of Mega Man Battle Network 7, but it was eventually scrapped and the work was thought to be lost. More recently, LordHuffnPuff made a post to The Rockman.EXE Zone containing the concept art and soundtracks which were thought to be lost.

Thanks for the tip, DanSaiSei!


One unexpected avenue from which you can purchase Bandai's D-Arts figures is apparently Toys R Us, who are taking pre-orders now on X and are already selling Vile, as well as the Bandai trading figure set. Who knew?

Thanks for the tip, ZeroXMarquis!


Remember the fan game Megapony"? Well, now it has a sequel:

You can learn more about the game at Equestria Daily, and download it yourself here. Note that this is an original game and not a ROM hack, and has some interesting elements (though why Applejack would need that contraption is beyond me).

Thanks for the tip, MechaHorse X!


That’s all for today, but not nearly close to the end! Expect more in the days to come, and thank you for your patience.

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