Xover Gets New X8 World, Armor and System

over8 Another update has graced the world of Rockman Xover. This update adds a new world, which is themed after the game Mega Man X8. Optic Sunflower, Avalanche Yeti, Burn Rooster and Bamboo Pandamonium appear as bosses, with X8 Sigma as the final challenge.

Additionally, there is the new OVER-8 armor (as seen above). This armor is a dual wood/wind type, although a don't believe wind is an actual attribute in the game. But as you can see above, they outfitted the armor with propeller-like cuffs. This armor is strong against electric type bosses.

Last, Xover also brings the "Irregular Burst" system. Normally, Battle Memory cards have a limit to how much you can level them up and improve their stats. However, by combining identical cards, you can surpass the normal leveling limits and make them even stronger. In honor of this addition, players currently have a chance to receive "Golden Wily" and "Silver Wily" Battle Memory cards when they log in. Hit the jump for some additional screens.

News Credit: Rockman Unity, 4Gamer.net