Facebook Group Forms to Tell Capcom "We Like the Maverick Hunter Idea"

531817_180553618761668_1850797376_nRemember "Maverick Hunter," the recently-revealed Iron Man meets Metroid Prime first-person shooter concept which had just a smidge of Mega Man to it, and was ultimately denied the coveted green light of progress by Capcom? As it turns out, though a lot of people didn't really care for it-- as a Mega Man game, at least-- there are still quite a few who did. Perhaps even you, the person reading this right now. If you count yourself among the latter, then you should know that you're not alone.

One fan of what he has seen, Godfried Weihs, has started up a new Facebook page, complete with its own petition which hopes to garner enough support to get the game put back into production. "I realize it's a long shot," he admits, "but I figured it's worth trying. I thought that if maybe this game got enough attention, hopefully Capcom would notice both this and Mega Man Legends 3, hopefully putting them back into development."

He adds, "If these people could turn Metroid into an amazing FPS, I'm certain they could do the same for this game."

At this point, we think Capcom is still trying to determine how best to proceed with the Blue Bomber, so anything may be possible yet. Only time will tell for sure.