Capcom Unity and Archie Showcase Their Favorite Mega Man Comic Moments

mmcomic Archie's Mega Man comic series has surpassed two years now, and it's currently running through its highly anticipated "Worlds Collide" crossover arch. You might say the series has garnered some history now. So Brelston at Capcom Unity and Archie are listing off their 25 top moments from the first 25 issues of the comic. Of course if you haven't gotten into the series yet, there may be some spoilers here!

Do you have any personal favorite moments that aren't covered by their 25? Honestly, I'm a little miffed at the selection of Mega Man callously finishing off Heat Man. I suspect that Brelston is jabbing me for making him fight Charge Man first in the Mega Man 5 stream.

Thanks for the tip, ElitePrime100!