Who's Capcom Pulling For in the D-Arts Character Poll?

higurashiLast month we informed you about a new character poll being run by Rockman Unity and Bandai meant to help determine the next Mega Man characters to become new D-Arts figures. That poll is still running until the 16th, Japan time, so if you haven't submitted your input you definitely should! Since the poll is in Japanese, you can use a wonderful guide on Capcom Unity to help you out. But who are the people at Capcom voting for themselves? Ucchy-san reveals on a recent Rockman Unity post. The top image here pretty much gives away designer Ryuji Higurashi's choice, who previously showed his dismay about Iris missing out. As you can see, he's gunning for Iris, Mayl and Lan. Meanwhile, designer Keisuke Mizuno put in his votes for Rockman (Ariga ver.), Iris and OVER-1. And the last designer to weigh in is Kenta Saito, who's pulling for Tron, Leviathan and Luna Platz.

It wasn't just Japanese designers who gave their votes, though. Brelston and Grega Man from Capcom Unity also submitted! Brett is voting for Metal Man, ProtoMan EXE and Zero, while Greg wants to see MegaMan Volnutt (but of course!), Zero and the Servbot.

Quite a variety of opinions, but I think I see myself siding more with Team Capcom Unity!