Details Arise for Bandai's D-Arts Ultimate Armor X


Late last night, Bluefin Tamashii Nations officially announced the release of D-Arts Ultimate Armor X in the US on September for $45.99 USD. They promise more details will be forthcoming, however Tamashii Web in Japan may have the jump on them. Now that Ultimate Armor X is available for pre-order in Japan, they've released the figure's details, which include:

  • Two changeable face parts
  • Changeable right arm
  • Changeable wrists
  • Effect parts

Pretty much standard fair along with the other D-Arts figures of X. However I am curious to see if he will get more buster effects besides his neon green pine tree. Just for reference, Ultimate Armor X releases in Japan this August for ¥4725.

Incidentally, you can now pre-order D-Arts Bass and Figuarts ZERO Sigma on Amazon! Thanks for the notice, Sean!