Game Informer Chats with Worlds Collide Creatives About Mega Man & Sonic's Crossover

sonicmegaman-1156-610 "Worlds Collide," the massive 12-part crossover epic between the Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog comics from Archie, has begun in earnest with the first quarter wrapping up with today's release of Sonic the Hedgehog #248. What better time, then, to chat with writer Ian Flynn and executive director of editorial Paul Kaminski about this bout of blue versus blue?

Game Informer has it all on their website, as they tell about how Capcom approached them to do the comic book, and how they were also the ones to initiate the whole crossover.

“If all you know about Sonic and Mega Man are the games, you’ll be able to pick up and jump into this story no problem whatsoever,” Flynn says. “Hopefully you will enjoy how we tell those stories and you’ll stick around for when we get back to the regular continuity when the crossover is finished.“ In addition, Flynn confirms what earlier solicitations had said when he states “We’re going to have all sorts of cameos, and in jokes, and combinations of the two worlds. You’re going to see just about every single Robot Master at some point.“