Preview Pages for Sonic the Hedgehog #248 on Newsarama

1252230_fulThe preview for part three of the massive 12-part crossover event "Worlds Collide" is now available for your viewing pleasure over at Newsarama. For those of you who might have forgotten what this chapter entails, here's the solicitation from back in January:

‘When Worlds Collide,’ Part 3 of 12. It’s Sonic versus Mega Man – Round One! The fight that every fan of both the Blue Blur and Blue Bomber has been waiting for is here at last, and it looks like Sonic’s got the hometeam advantage! Can Mega Man cope with the Blue Blur in a land of loops? Meanwhile, Dr. Wily is concerned his old rival might cause problems, which sets Dr. Eggman’s sites on Dr. Light! Don’t miss a moment of this historic crossover event as the heroic fights and evil friendships rage on! Continues in this month’s Mega Man #25!

And if you want a good chuckle, be sure to read up to the very last panel of the preview.