Teacher-Student Game Project Seeks to Continue the Mega Man X Story

[gallery ids="21587,21589,21588"] While fans the world over would love nothing more than for Capcom to continue the Mega Man X saga where it left off, one school teacher and his students have taken matters into their own hands to demonstrate to Capcom how they feel the series should conclude.

Featuring the visual style of the 32-bit Mega Man X titles and running on Adobe Flash, Daniel Green and his class are working on a game that they hope will be ready by late June, and are looking at making it run on iOS and Android as well. Green has shown his students Mega Man X through Mega Man X8 (via the Mega Man X Collection for the first six) as well as Mega Man X Command Mission, with X4 and X8 being the class's favorites, and they wanted in when he explained his plan to them. During recess and after school, they've divided up to work on boss designs, attack patterns, background levels, and more.

The impetus for this project grew from Green and his friends' dissatisfaction with the ending Capcom left with Command Mission, and the number of loose threads the series had overall. This, coupled with seeing Capcom take the axe to one Mega Man game after another led to their decision to take action.

The game, called "Mega Man X9," is divided into three parts (the first being the one set for June, and the other two coming later due to program constraints) and takes place in 22XX, after the events of Command Mission with X, Zero, and Axl as playable characters. The developers' goal in this globe-spanning adventure is to tie up the loose ends left by previous games in the series, and includes references to the Classic series, as well as a key plot point in the death of an important character (any bets that it's Axl?).

With the success of Street Fighter X Mega Man, it is Green and his students' hope that Capcom might provide similar endorsement as well, though it is moreover a way for them to illustrate "a fan's perspective on how the series should end."

Green and his crew are happy to accept questions from other fans, which you can leave in the comments below.