Get an In-Depth Taste of Mega Music Mix

Last month we informed you of "Mega Music Mix," a new Rockman fan album fronted by doujin circle Colis Records. A bit has changed since then, however. While originally having a scope of 15~20 tracks, it will now be a 27 tracks, two CD album covering all the series, minus DASH (Legends). It will also feature a 12 page full color booklet containing artwork by a variety of artists.

You can also sample every track in the album over on the main site. A number of new cross fade demos have been added, organized by series.

Mega Music Mix will first come out this month, the 29th, at the M3 doujin convention for ¥1,000. An in store price of ¥1,500 is tentatively set.

Thanks for the tip, Oakie620!