Help Mega Ran on His U.K. Underground Tour!

tumblr_mkylk98IaZ1qc3sfwo1_1280 It's been a while since we last posted anything from good ol' Mega Ran, but he came to us for some help spreading the word about some upcoming events he's doing, and how you can help. Most immediately, he wants you all to know that he'll be at Nashicon with DJ DN3 in Columbia, SC today, Saturday, April 13th.

Following that, he explains to us that he's going to tour the United Kingdom (see the poster above) with his producer, K-Murdock. However, due to the fact that the American dollar doesn't translate well over there at the moment, he is hoping some fans might be able to help out by donating any amount possible, with donations of certain amounts being eligible for different perks, Kickstarter-style. If you donate, mail him at and he'll send your reward.

Mega Ran encourages people to "post, tweet, blog about the link," and "then hashtag #ukunderground and [I'll] find you and pick 5 winners this week."

He is also releasing a new EP called "TRAP" ("Television & Radio Are Poison") next week, which he says will be "very different." Those connected to his Soundcloud will get the first leak on Monday, and those who donate above will get it first.

“It’ll be great to come back, a bit wiser and more seasoned,” says Ran, who last visited the U.K. in July 2011 with DJ DN3, Lost Perception, and Murdock. “I think this will be an electric experience full of great memories… expect epic freestyles.” This time, he's being joined by local talent Professor Elemental, B-Type, and more.