Capcom US Releasing "E Can" Sound Set as Separate Downloads

Rockcan-Disc01 Last year in Japan, Capcom released an impressive but pricy 25th anniversary commemorative item, the "Rockcan E Can" containing the music from the ten main Mega Man games in a tin E Tank holder. Now Capcom US is selling the tracks their own way.

Capcom has just announced the soundtrack to go on sale on their Capcom Store as a digital download, separated by game. So far, the original Mega Man is available for $8.95. Presumably other sets will come down the road, meaning the total album could be obtained for roughly $90, which is still a bit cheaper than the E Can ran when it was released.

The soundtrack will contain not just the original NES music, but also arranged tracks used in the PSX re-release (which come from titles like Power Fighters), as well as other bonus tracks.