Brazilian Mega Man Makes Cracked List of Iconic Characters' Insane Foreign Comic Reboots

173531Cracked has a new list up, this one detailing "5 Iconic Characters Who Got Insane Reboots in Foreign Comics." Interestingly enough, for only being five entries long, two of them go to comic book versions of video game characters. In addition to the story "Super Mario Goes to Hell" from Germany's Club Nintendo magazine (more or less their counterpart to Nintendo Power), everyone's favorite authorized piece of the Blue Bomber franchise they would love to forget is there, too, in The New Adventures of Mega Man. Perhaps you've heard the story by now, but if not, hop on over to Cracked (warning: NSFW) to check out the sheer insanity Brazil had to offer.

Oh, and just so you know: The pic shown here is just about the only one from the Mega Man portion that felt suitable to post here.

Thanks for the tips, Sinclair and Lumine1412!