Diamond's Previews Catalog Turns Up the Bass with New D-Arts Solicitation

dffa69b4-sPreviews, the catalog for comic book distributor Diamond, has updated with a new listing which many of you have no doubt been eagerly awaiting: The D-Arts action figures of Bass and Treble from Bandai and Bluefin Tamashii Nations!

From Tamashii Nations! Previously available only as a Tamashii Web Shop exclusive in Asia, Tamashii Nations proudly releases the ultimate Mega Man rival to the ranks of the D-Arts series! The D-Arts Bass & Treble will be made available to American fans who have requested the characters' release! The D-Arts Bass action figure set will feature an articulated figure of the character's intrepid wolf-robot, Treble! Interchangeable arm parts for Bass Buster, as well as interchangeable hand and face parts, are also included in the set. The figure stands 4 1/2" tall. Window box packaging.

The solicitation lists a price of $43.99, and gives a release date of August 23rd, 2013 for the figure. However, as tipster "Dr. Wily" points out that toy items tend to ship late, and the D-Arts Mega Man figure apparently held true to that form.