e-Capcom Offers Up a Comfy Mega Man Helmet and Buster Set

plushwear A new special edition Mega Man product is hitting Japan. The e-Capcom shop has opened up pre-orders for a Mega Man plush helmet and buster set, perfect for looking cool, staving off head colds or taking a Mega nap. The plush wear, which is an e-Capcom exclusive product, is expected to release in July, and will run ยฅ6,090 (roughly $65 US).

Westerners have enjoyed the same product for a while now, not to mention a Proto Man version, via GE Animation. Both are pretty comparable, and while the GE helmet looks like it has a little better depth, the e-Capcom version looks to be more accurately shaped, and has a helmet that will strap around your chin. But never having tried either I can only go on looks alone. Nevertheless, the e-Capcom version looks good enough for Ucchy! You can check out more pics on Rockman Unity.