...But At Least We're Getting R20+5

MM25Okay, so that last item sort of blew up in our faces a bit. Feel free to picture a writer covered in black soot with his eyes poking through, blinking in a stunned fashion. This one, however, we're a bit more confident about. At their own PAX East panel, UDON Entertainment has officially announced that yes, you too can own the R20+5 25th anniversary art book, right in the comfort of your own language (provided that language is English). The book boasts the following:

- 432 pages - All the classic artwork from the Mega Man and Mega Man X series - NEW artwork, and rough concepts from Mega Man 9 and 10 - New game developer interviews - New Tribute art from Hitoshi Ariga, Toru Nakayama, Shigeto Ikehara, and more!

There is no release date or price given yet, though if the prices of the two separate editions from before are any indication, it will be a doozy. Also, the cover art shown is taken from the Japanese version, and may not be the final design.

This is just one of many Capcom-themed art books UDON will be bringing over, and you can check out the full lineup here.