Fan Comic Illustrates Protomen Song

tumblr_mjom0t3KvE1qfptc8o1_500Hope may ride alone, but at least we can all enjoy cool artwork as a collective. An artist named Billosopher recently drew a wicked-looking comic that narrates the events in the song "Hope Rides Alone" by The Protomen. It’s certainly a slick-looking number. Note: Billosopher’s choice of comic reader starts the action on the last page, so you need to scroll over to the first page if you want to read it from the beginning. Unfortunately, the current layout kind of spoils the outcome of the story—but you probably already knew things weren’t going to work out well for Protoman, anyway. You can also indulge via a more simplified archive.

Billosopher plans to continue the comic, so maybe we’ll get our happy ending after all! (Audience laughs, applauds)

Thanks for the tip, Diego!