Rockman Unity Gets a Cold Boot

rockunitylogo Official Rockman fan site Rockman Unity, where spokesperson Ucchy posts various content and announcements, is getting a fresh start, but not in a good way. Last week the site ran into technical issues, causing posts to be un-openable, and eventually disappearing altogether. While the issues seem to have been cleared up, unfortunately Rockman Unity is now a clean slate, and the articles may be impossible to reclaim.

Chances are this doesn't affect you very much, since the site was aimed at Japanese readers and, well, entirely in Japanese. But whatever the case, it's no fun losing years of content, including a lot of interesting interviews and other trivia. Fortunately we've still covered some here, like the amazing Mega Man Olympics and interviews with TOM PON. Ucchy proclaims nonetheless that the show will go on. Good luck, Ucchy!

Thanks for the tip, Amunshen!