Preview Pages for Mega Man #23 Now Available on Destructoid

Issue23Cover_zps388cd47aWell, this is admittedly a little awkwardly-timed, given that Erico just reviewed this very issue in the latest edition of "The Blue Ink" just last week. But then, you probably avoided that if you didn't want spoilers (unless you had to edit it, anyway), so this works out well for those who want but a simple peek. And peek you shall, over on Destructoid! Given the cover seen at right, it is probably not revealing too much to say that this is where the Blue Bomber and the Red Rocker collide in a bout of violet violence.

Plus, this is the final issue before the beginning of the "Worlds Collide" story arc which brings the worlds of Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog together for the first time ever.

So give it a go, and leave your thoughts below!