The Best Dr. Light Capsule Yet?

Light Capsule from Andrew Butterworth on Vimeo.

We've previously looked at various different attempts at recreating the capsules which Dr. Light uses to guide X in his mission to thwart the aggressions of the Mavericks, but this latest version may be the best yet.

"So You've Come..." by Andrew Butterworth is but one of many pieces currently on display at the "Mega Man Boss Battle" exhibit in San Francisco's Gauntlet Gallery, which displays numerous works of art based on the characters of the Classic, X, and Legends portions of the Mega Man franchise. Though not an actual hologram, this piece pulls the visual trick off nicely by reflecting an After Effects animation off a piece of glass.

From Protodude, this is what Butterworth had to say about his creation:

This piece was printed on solid white PLA filament using a replicator 2 from makerbot. It was first modeled in Maya using the original SNES sprite as reference. I got the idea of using the pepper's ghost technique after talking to a friend who has done similar art installations on a much larger scale. Once printing was done, I got to sit down, relax and paint. It reminded me of building model airplanes on my mom's kitchen table. The movie was all taken from a sprite sheet and animated in After Effects. If you get to see the piece in person there is an cool easter egg animation loop. Anyone that has ever played and cleared Mega Man X will get it.

The pieces in the display are even available for sale, though they won't come cheap-- if you want to impress your friends and strike fear into your enemies with the thought that at any moment, you could start channeling your untapped potential, it's going to cost you $3,000.

As noted above, this is but one cool piece on display; be sure to check out the rest here, and you can find more still images of the capsule at Destructoid.

Thanks for the tips, Kevin and Bob!