Mega Man 3 Coming to 3DS in NA March 14th, other MM25 Updates

030b76c0df646f217b02258182f53f6e As part of a congratulations for Street Fighter X Mega Man surpassing one million downloads, Capcom Unity has today announced that Mega Man 3will be hitting the Virtual Console on the Nintendo 3DS next week on the 14th. This is certainly exciting news, and I think only Mega Man 3 can be said to rival in terms of popularity and greatness. The rest of the NES classics will be following month by month.

Additionally other goodies have been announced. A special Mega Man 25th anniversary pin will be available to people attending PAX East later this month, as well as a special photo event in the works, although information there is still cloudy. Should be interesting though!

Check out Capcom Unity to see more!