TMMN Jukebox 2

It's time again for another edition of TMMN Jukebox! We don't have quite as many submissions today, but we hope you'll enjoy them just the same. First up is a submission from TadoOm and BZI MusicProd, a group of amateur musicians, featuring a cover of the ever-popular Dr. Wily Stage 1 theme from Mega Man 2. "We have modified the music in a hard-rock/metal style and we've shot a modest video," they explain in their YouTube video's description. Check it out:

And for those interested, credits for the fan art used can be found in the video's description.

The rest of today's Jukebox comes from PrincessLuna on YouTube, who has set out upon a massive undertaking: Remixing every Mega Man Classic song into a Mega Man 7 style. There are too many to include them all here, but following is a selection of choice songs from the collection, and you can find the rest she's made so far here.

You can download this version of the Mega Man soundtrack here, and the others are still to come.

Thanks to TadoOm and PrincessLuna for the tips!