Rockman Xover Coming to Android, Boss Character Contest Open Now

2857993 Some big updates to the social app that has united all of you in hatred. The formerly iOS exclusive Rockman Xover will be coming to the Android OS. It is expected to work on Android versions 2.2 and higher, although it may not work on all devices (unlike iOS, Android is found on a variety of devices made by different manufacturers). There is no date yet as to when it will be available on Android.

To commemorate the occasion, and because they were already planning it, the first ever Rockman Xover boss character contest is also open from now until the end of March 20th, Japan time. One lucky winner will have their boss design made into a Master Boss, and also receive a special edition Battle Memory of that boss, as well as other limited edition cards. Three second place winners will also have their designs made into Battle Memory cards, and receive other limited edition cards. Twenty-one runner ups will receive limited edition cards as well.

If you want to enter, you may do so here. However, you must first have an account with Nico Nico Douga to access the contest form. Once that's settled, you select your file, enter a name, description, relevant tags, and then select a category. This is all in Japanese, of course... so good luck there! There is no set limitations on the type of character you make or the image dimensions, but it must be under 10MB and saved in JPEG, GIF or PNG format.

Near the end of March, 50 nominations will be presented. In mid-April, the 25 winners will be chosen from those nominations, and the results will appear in the game in early May. The entries will be viewable here (again, a Nico Nico Douga account may be necessary).

News Credit: Rockman Unity