Check Out These Great New Images and Details on D-Arts Bass (NA Release Details Added)

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D-Arts Bass is just about ready to go on pre-order in Japan. To celebrate, Ucchy-san has the privilege of showing off some snazzy pictures of the upcoming Bandai figure. You can check out more at Rockman Unity!

As for what to expect with the figure, it will come with two changeable face plates, one changeable wrist part for his right arm and two for the left, a changeable left arm, and his trademark Bass Buster, which goes on the left arm. And as you know, he also comes with a figure of Treble, who is said to be quite large. Bass himself stands a full centimeter taller than the D-Arts Mega Man figure. Curiously, there is no mention of shot effect parts.

D-Arts Bass will be limited to online order via Premium Bandai and e-Capcom in Japan, and won't come to retail. Don't be concerned, however, since he should meet retail sale in the west. This was the same situation with D-Arts Vile.

D-Arts Bass goes on sale in Japan this June. Details on the North American release should come soon, too!

UPDATE: And as we said, Bluefin Tamashii Nations has announced the North American release! It will retail for $43.99 and is expected to come out June/July.