"Worlds Collide" Reaches the Halfway Mark in May with Sonic the Hedgehog #249

Sonic-249-megaman-pt-6Don't you just love comic book marketing? We haven't even seen the first issue of "Worlds Collide," the massive 12-part crossover ultra-event which spans the pages of Archie's Mega Man, Sonic Universe, and Sonic the Hedgehog books, and here we are, already getting glimpses of what's to come at the halfway point. Today's solicitation shows off Sonic the Hedgehog #249, and features a snazzy cover (seen at right; click to enlarge) showing what one of the best parts of a crossover is all about-- when the heroes start using each others' gear (or teaming up with their friends, in this case). Careful, Tails! Mega Man's pretty heavy!

In addition, we get a peek at the villains' new headquarters, the Skull Egg Zone, looming ominously in the background.

Read on to see the rest of the solicitation and find out what to expect in this chapter of the saga. And just think-- we still have six more issues to go! Where will they take the story next?

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #249 Script: Ian Flynn Art: Tracy Yardley!, Terry Austin, Jack Morelli, and Thomas Mason Cover: Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante Throwback Variant Cover art compiled by Ryan Jampole On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 5/29 32-page, full color comic $2.99 US. "When Worlds Collide" Part Six of Twelve: The crossover mega-event reaches its half-way point! On the eve of Sonic the Hedgehog's landmark 250th issue, Sonic, Tails, Mega Man and Proto Man are confronted by Drs. Eggman and Wily and the eight Roboticized Masters! Why do they look so familiar to Sonic? Do our heroes even stand a chance?! Featuring stunning new cover art from Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante, and a special 16-Bit pixel art variant cover!

In case you missed it before, you can see the 16-bit pixel art covers here.

News Credit: Newsarama