Sigma on Parade at Press The Buttons

6a00d83452033569e2017ee805653a970d-580wiIf there is one character across the Mega Man franchise who might be described as "fashionable," it would probably have to be Sigma. Think about it: With every new game, he's displayed a new look to fit the situation he's in. This has resulted in a lot of rather distinct art of the former leader of the Maverick Hunters, and this inspired Matthew Green of Press The Buttons to pay it all tribute in the latest from his "Artwork on Parade" series of articles. So take a trip down memory lane and relive how Sigma has kept up with the changing times in "Sigma on Parade," featuring art of each new (or slightly revised) look coupled with Green's own commentary.

And once you're finished, feel free to comment (here, there, or both!) on which look you prefer on this mopless Maverick.