Announcing the Winners to January's Bonus Giveaway

bonusgiveaway After a whole year of bringing you chances to win cool stuff, we just had to get one more giveaway in for the road. This month we offered up some fantastic art books by doujin label Guiltism; a major Rockman fan. The three chosen winners will certainly be very happy to receive them. And oh yes, those winners are very much chosen!

We had quite a number of entries this time around, as we often do. I want to thank you all for throwing your hat into the ring. It's always a great show of how much Mega Man is loved! I am sorry only three can win.

And those three are revealed after the break.

Winner #1: davidsassic

Megaman X Megaman like X-over was a great concept but the gameplay style they chose wasnt exactly favorable. I feel like for a mashup of the franchises heroes it could be better. It shouldnt play like an automated rail shooter, but then again my point is kind of invalid since it isnt even out yey but I guess from what I see X-over could just have a better gameplay style in general and could be a bigger game on a better console. Thanks for listening.

Winner #2: Eclebright

My entry is "Mega Man X Metroid." The X series already shares a few gameplay elements seen in Nintendo's space franchise, why not mix them? I can see both the big N and Capcom having fun with this one. I drew this to show how well they fit together!

Winner #3: J.D.

There are many crossovers I would love to see happen, but since Sonic X Megaman is already kinda happening I'll pick something else. So, given that Megaman's roots are in Nintendo the one I would like to have the most is a Megaman X and Metroid crossover. Its kinda hard for me to describe why this would work but...i guess try and imagine it like I am right now. Think about playing something like Super Metroid except replace Samus w\ X....and in my head the game would still work out really well. X approaches a chozo artifact, touches it and copys the Missile data....cept replace the missile count with your classic weapon energy bar. Vice versa too, Samus defeats Chill Penguin and from the wreckage picks up a powerup that allows her to use the Ice Beam. So, since both characters work in each others games to a degree (at least in my head), I would think that making a game where X and Samus team up would mesh really well. As for how the game is presented....I think I would like to see it done kind of like how Metroid: Other M was done. Yeah the story was crap in that one but i rather liked the gameplay in Other M. Plus, I think Megaman would translate into that particular engine real well and give us a 3D Megaman X game that is not X7 >.>