Mega Man V - The Replacement Stream

Last week, Capcom Unity continued their tradition of monthly Mega Man streams with Mega Man V for Game Boy. Unfortunately, the stream didn't work out well due to technical issues. But Mega Man V is one of the most unique entries into the series, and we think it's story still needs to be told. So teaming up with Press Start and mugenmidget, we give you our own Mega Man V live stream! It features amazing things such as:

-No giveaway prizes or trivia challenges -Less interesting game commentary -Awkward delay in commentary due to Skyping across the world

Also, the stream started off with some echoing issues; if it really bugs you, you can skip to 13:30 where it works out. Nevertheless, Dan played a good game and did manage to complete the challenges originally given to Brelston! We hope you enjoy; Mega Man V is definitely a game worth revisiting! Many thanks to Press and mugen!