Worlds Collide Covers Getting a Sexy 16-bit Treatment

sonic249varjpg-9f0a93_640w  mm26varjpg-9f0a94_640w
"Worlds Collide" is beginning to become the much talked about thing. Can you blame it? Anyway, IGN today revealed some special treats for upcoming issues. Parts 6 (Sonic the Hedgehog #249) and 7 (Mega Man #26) of the series, which are said to be key chapters of the story, will feature special 16-bit style variant covers.

Some mashing of styles aside (Mega Man 7-style Mega Man with a Mega Man 8-style buster, for example), I think they look pretty neat. Perhaps this is something close to what a crossover game might have looked like back in the day!

News Credit: Mega Man Monthly