TMMN Giveaway Bonus Round - Delicious Art Books!

bonusgiveaway Last year, we held contests and giveaways every month in the hopes of spreading joy and excitement for the Blue Bomber. It was great fun, but all good things must come to an end. Except that during all that time, I seem to have developed a sickness. A sickness for giving away prizes to the awesomest fans around. I need you to help me. Help me by winning this one extra giveaway.

For this special extra giveaway, we will randomly choose three winners. Each winner gets two lovely art books; doujin works by Guiltism. They are the 10th anniversary Rockman Zero fanbook Zetstream, which include a variety of Zero series artwork by GO!, and the 25th anniversary Rockman book R-Generation 25, a cross series celebration with works by various artists.

For a chance to win, what you need to do is comment in this post about your dream Mega Man collaboration. After all, we just got Street Fighter X Mega Man. What else would you like to see. It could be cross series, cross Capcom, cross anything. Entrants are limited to one comment and must leave a means of contact (in your user/posting profile, not in your comment).

You will have until the end of January 26th, Saturday, US Pacific time to post an eligible comment. So dream up your most ideal Mega Man crossover concept and let us know! Good luck to everyone! OH! And after the break, check out a few samples from R-Generation 25!

sample1 sample2 sample3