Street Fighter X Mega Man Update Coming this Friday

passwordWe first got word of a SFXMM update coming via our podcast, and now Capcom Unity has announced that the new version will be available this Friday, 8PM EST/5PM PST. The most notable change in the update is that it will add a password screen, ending the need to play through the game in a single sitting. Other updates include:

  • Confirmation prompt before exiting (ESC) or resetting (F12) the game
  • E Tank glitch and various other bugs fixed
  • Improved controller support (Game defaults to keyboard on launch; make sure controller is plugged in prior to opening the file, then go into Options menu and set keys)
  • Take screenshots using F9
  • M Bison buffed a bit

Additionally, those reporting slowdown may find it's due to Intel Integrated GPUs, according to Brett. Personally I don't know if anything can be fixed or changed about that, but it's something to look into. At any rate, thanks again to Zong Hui and Capcom Unity for their efforts!

Thanks for the tip, Phaelin!