Rock Miyabi's FABULOUS Valentine's Day Contest

vdayIt's that time of year again. That time after Christmas, after New Years, and you're in a rut. Well, fear no more, Rock Miyabi's annual Valentine's Day Contest is here! To those of you who are newer, my good friend Rock Miyabi hosts this contest (and a few others) on his deviantART account every year. They're always a ton of fun and he's always looking for more people to enter them. This year, he's got some great themes. CATEGORY 1: 50 SHADES OF ASHE AND GREY (Humor) Content Requirements: - Ashe or Grey from ZXA - Blushing

CATEGORY 2: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT FABIO-LOUS! (Talent) Content Requirements: - Emulate a Harlequin Novel Cover - Jewel Man - Additional female character of your choice

And what do you get for a prize if you win? To quote Miyabi:

"Sounds like most of you like the option of picking your prize, so the grand prize winners of each category will be able to get the prize of their choice, at $50 USD or less. Want a  Bandai D-Arts figure or one from Kotobukiya before they disappear? Soundtracks like We Are Rock-Men! 2 or Rockman Holic? Got something else in mind you've wanted to get from eBay, but haven't had the cash? Want a year subscription to dA? It's yours. As long as it's under $50, it's game. A cash prize through Paypal is also an option. The second place winners will get a prize of their choice under $25, so something like a T-shirt from the Official Capcom Store, an Archie Comics subscription, or a 6-month dA subscription. The third place winners will get a prize of their choice under $15, with options like Bobble Budds, Epic Scents air fresheners, keychains, an Archie Comics graphic novel or a 3-month dA sub. And I'll probably throw in some random Link/Progress/Advanced Battlechips as usual. Yes again, that's me giving you guys nearly $200 in prizes. I am so broke because of y'all."

The deadline for this contest will be Thursday, February 14th, by 11:59 PM CST.

For more information on how to enter and longer descriptions on the categories, please see Miyabi's post.