Fan-Made Mega Man RPG: Get Your Armies Ready!

blog-header_700x248 by Razorsaw

In the world of fan-made game news, we've received news about a budding new project from fan Adrian Marceau. And what's more, it seems to break the mold by being an RPG rather than a traditional platformer!

As you can see from the offscreen iPad-based footage here, the game has you taking command of Doctors Light and Wily, commanding their various robotic forces. In other words, it's a hybrid of both Mega Man and Pokemon.

The game is browser based and only in its prototype phase, but you can check it out here, as well as see his progress at Marceau's blog. Thanks to Adrian himself for bringing this to our attention. Remember, he's looking for help with the sprites, so if you're interested, say so in the comments!